How can we understand the new fashion business strategies?

By Regina Miyar

The fashion business is an industry in continues evolution; it is a creative nest where different kinds of ideas grow, develop and turn into what is now called start-ups. It is a business area where not only big companies play a game; the match is now played by the small companies that are turning the market upside down.

By definition “A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed,” says Neil Blumenthal, cofounder and co-CEO of Warby Parker.

Fashion start-ups have now been challenging the market and public with new innovative ideas, trying to keep up with an on going industry. New companies that supply specific services, premium clothes or direct access to the clothes before a large public.
The target is now not only focused in serving large masses, the mission is reaching the specific inner circles. Supplying the more amenities possible to the client, by making the shopping experience easier or even faster.
“…Services such as Moda Operandi and Springwise-featured are enabling members of the public to purchase outfits straight from the catwalk, rather than waiting for a retailer to buy a collection and make it available. Of course there will always be a need for style leaders to guide tastes, but, similar to the C&A initiative and Volga Verdi, it’s easy to see how Moda Operandi and can be read as another step towards putting more power into the hands of consumers before major trend setters are involved” (

But how start-ups are able to serve an anxious public without failing in the try? Many theories can come out from this, starting from the idea that there´s always a search for something new and “trendy”. Probably we can talk about social media as the fashion start-up rescuer.

Instagram has turned to be the image doctor and fashion curator, for most of the brands. Through this platform a lot of brands are trying to serve their publics through direct links to shop.

As mentioned before Moda Operandi has taken hand from Instagram to publish a large content of images through the day, and linking directly the client with the product.

So now is not always necessarily to search in Google “Dress or Shoes” in order to shop. Fashion start-ups are filling the social media content with images redirecting to their product. An action that saves time, indecision, probably web barriers and distraction between the consumer and the brand.

Now it´s not completely necessary to create a full brand campaign to catch the public´s eye. Maybe we can talk about visual strategy; an Instagram focused image content strategy to catch the “fast consumer”.

Brands like Annie Bing and the newly released Pret-A-Porter shopping division “The NET SET” are focusing not in the web construction, and on how can they serve to large publics. The target in some fashion start-ups is now being set in how many images I can post a day, in order to sell as much as possible.


Maybe the fashion business strategies are being set by the fast visual content and the direct links to the product. A more dynamic content, fast, with aesthetic and eye catcher.

Here´s the point were we could probably understand why brands are turning their efforts also in Snapchat. The mobile app that allows sending pictures and short videos with one chance to see.
Fashion companies as Buro 24/7 are continuously posting videos in this platform, the strategy isn´t clearly visible, but what it is true is that they are reaching a niched market. A public that is constantly “connected”.
So, are we able to say that new apps like Snapchat or platforms like Instagram are becoming what fashion magazines and newspapers where some years ago?


The new fashion strategies are been created under an invisible layer behind glitter; models and social media hash tags. The important topic to relay on is, are we seeing it? How influenced are we from social media images? Are fashion start-ups really selling through here?


A fresh, dynamic and exciting fashion game has just started. The more creative, innovative and constant a brand can turn, probably the more popular, or successful it will become.
The cards are on the table, and the play has just started for some of the business leaders.


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