The game of the football sponsor throne

The two giants of football sponsoring Nike and Adidas are in a constant coming and going to achieve more and more notoriety in$_45side the football structures. The most important club tournament, the Champions League, has leave this year the german brand with the only representation of Lionel Messi, the brands most important player but facing two Nike sponsored clubs: FC Barcelona and Juventus FC. The two biggest representatives of Adidas (FC Bayern Munich and Real Madrid CF) have crumble into elimination and Adidas has suffer with it.

Des equilibrium of budget in Adidas

The intervention of Adidas into two major clubs to join his side has proclaimed the germans to become the principal power in football sposoring next season but the american brand seems to be waiting to counter-atttack the offensive and take from Adidas hands the most valuable club in the world: Real Madrid. The operations made by Adidas with Juventus, Manchester United and Bayern Munich have leaved a des equilibrium in the sporonsing possibilities of Adidas: the brand has given away more than 1000 millions euros into these three operartiions. This decision has consequences such as the abandond of other sponsor as the South-American clubs. This situation can be profitable for Nike.casacasss-620.jpg_787813774

Nike’s counter-attack

The intention of Nike to join Real Madrid to their side could be an effective stand point for the american brand. But the operation intended by the Oregon offices could cost a lot for them. It is true that to mix the sponsor of the club with Nike’s biggest football star Cristiano Ronaldo could signified a massive economic strike for Nike as both combined can reach the movement of 500 million euros a year. This can launch Nike to the top of the football sponsors. One must not forget that the inversion of Nike in Real Madrid would supposed a des equilibrium in their own budget and can become a problem for them as well.

Open door for new competitorsUnknown

New brands are starting to see a break throught in this two sides monopoly and they already starting to enter in the market. New Balance, Puma and Under Armor are becoming more and more strong in the football market. Puma has always had a position in the football market, centered in Africa and South America, the other german sport brand has sponsored important teams such as Arsenal or the national team of Italy. Under Armor is threating nowadays one of the biggest clubs in the world sponsored by Nike: FC Barcelona. The offer of 100 millions euros made by the other american brand is putting preasure in the Oregon offices that see how the acquisition of Real Madrid can signified the loss of FC Barcelona. New Balance has already putted in place it’s notoriety by acquiring clubs such as Lille or Celtic. All the parts are in place to beging a season that can change the landscape of football market and every movement can signified a counter-atteck of the competitors.  new_balance_celtic_img2



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