Is football a synonym of waste?

In recent times of crisis it is common to see that people complain about the huge amount of money or wages that football players earn or that football clubs invest on their issues. What most people is not aware about is that this money that the clubs invest is also a quite important part of the GDP.

As people know football is the main sport practiced in most countries of the world followed by thousands of people, but what people doesn’t know or isn’t conscious about the depth that the football clubs have with the public finance.  This is the reason why people should know the amount of millions that, at least, most of the Spanish football clubs with their governments with a total depth of 3.600 millions of euros excluding the depth of Real Madrid and Futbol Club Barcelona (27.8% out of the total depth).



The biggest struggle here is that insidea football clubs, players argue that they should earn the entire incomes from publicity and advertising rights. The clubs hold that as they are the ones that give wagesto their players they should be the ones to earn the entire quantity of money coming from advertising and from their player’s image rights. But the AFE (Spanish footballers associations) defend that every single player should be the owner of its rights, because everybody deserves to have a minimum budget in order to have a kind of pillow once they finish their career as sportsmen which, by the way is reallyshort. So apart from those who earn millions every year (Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta…), second level  athletes don’t have enough money to carry on their lives as they usually doing if they don’t find a well payed job, besides that many athletes do not have any studies.11335779_10153872459124392_519266115_n

Concerning sponsors, it is important to know that the part that the football clubs earn must go in part to the GDP because they are public entities. That’s why it is important to know how much incomes from sponsors and advertising does every club have. So by the one side it’s true that there’s too much money invested in football in general but it is also true that a good part of it goes directly to the states’ public finance.

So it is somehow difficult to make a clear statement wether if football wastes too much money or not because taking into consideration that part of the budget of a football club is directed to the GDP, it is not good to say that football is an entire waste.  


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